Consistent Writing System

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The hardest part about being an online writer is building a sustainable and consistent writing habit.

Writing one post every few months is easy enough, but how about incorporating daily writing into your life in a way that is enjoyable and productive? (versus a struggle and constant source of I-should-be-doing-more-guilt)

It's possible.

All it takes is a system; a step-by-step framework you can follow blindly the moment you sit down to write.

A system provides direction and constraints in terms of what to work on and when. You want to spend your precious energy on writing, not on making decisions or getting distracted by yet another how-to-go-viral guide.

After 10 months of writing online, I've cobbled together a system by cherry-picking the best ideas and concepts from several writing workshops and, yes - how-to-go guides 😉.

I have taken what worked best for me as a beginner writer and distilled it into this guide:

  1. Step-by-Step Writing Phases
  2. Calendar Blocking for making writing a daily priority
  3. Tips on getting into Flow State
  4. WritingLog for continuous improvement
  5. Articles Tracker for managing your content
  6. Upper/Lower bound & Habit Streak
  7. Swipe File for inspiration
  8. Mindset (underrated yet the most important!)

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is already convinced of the value of writing online, but has not managed to make it a daily habit.
  • Anyone who has written a few posts, maybe even shared it online, and is looking for a way to simplify and systemise their writing process.
  • Anyone who feels that writing is a constant slog and struggle, unsure of how or where to begin.

This guide is completely free! Of course, if you find it valuable and you are determined to make a small donation, I can't stop you! You can just input the amount you think it was worth.

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A Notion guide for building a consistent writing system, including templates and productivity tips.


Consistent Writing System

0 ratings
I want this!